Today the Swedish shoe store Skoaktiebolaget launched its latest addition to their brand flora- Italian Paolo Scafora – with a trunk show with the brand. Scafora makes hand welted shoes of very high standard, and has both RTW, MTO and bespoke.


Beautiful sole with Scafora’s big emblem.

The brand is based in Naples, Italy, and was founded by Gennaro Scafora, who named the company after his son. Today, Paolo Scafora runs the company with his name. They have been known for a very Italian style, with very daring patinas, wide sole edges and a characteristic extremely square toe. In recent years, however, they have developed their style, still distinctly Italian shoes, but with more classically styled last shapes and tight sole edges. The shoes are hand welted with machine-made sole stitch, and have leather stiffeners both in heel and toe. One of the brands disassembled and analyzed here in a previous post was from Scafora, and it was found that the level of the making was really good.

Paolo Scafora.

Paolo Scafora himself is in place at Skoaktiebolaget today and tomorrow for a trunk show and for the reveal of them as the new brand, just a little while ago. Skoaktiebolaget starts with nine different models in its range, prices start at €980 (9 500 SEK) for hand welted models, €770 (7 500SEK) for Bologna sewn, and €1 110 (10 800 SEK) for norvegese. The MTO surcharge is 20% of the base price, which is relatively low, and Group MTO’s where the fee is eliminated requires five or more orders.

A classic.

From the factory.

Hand welting.

Brown derby.