The popular Spanish budget brand Meermin will soon open the doors to its first store outside Spain, this in New York City, USA, and will also have a US warehouse. The brand becomes significantly more accessible in the big country in the West. And more stores elsewhere in the world may follow.

Meermin drove in like a whirlwind on the quality shoe market a number of years ago, with welted shoes that started at €160 but looked like much more expensive shoes, they quickly became popular. They have struggled with delivery times, quality check and communication with customers, some have criticized the shoes for being hard to break in, but the popularity has continued. Slowly but surely, different parts have been improved. For example, several people have been hired and they stopped production of the handwelted Linea Maestro line to focus on the cheaper Goodyear welted Classic range. They were also first with the concept where group MTOs were posted on their website and when/if enough numbers were ordered, the shoes were produced, which many brands/stores have followed with different variants of.

Jodphurs in several different colors.

Since the start Meermin have had its own shop in Madrid, but now it’s time for a second shop. It will open in the beginning of next year in the Soho district of New York. About 240 square meters on the second floor in an airy room. First, the supply will be a bit smaller, but slowly but surely, as many models of the brand’s models as possible will be available here. They will also have a warehouse in the United States that will handle all online orders to the US market. According to Put This On, Meermin also re-launch the Linea Maestro range in conjunction with the opening of the New York store. Prices will be similar to Europe (although LM will be a bit more expensive than before, but it will be the same here here), about €170 ($200) for Classic, and €300 ($350) for Linea Maestro. Depending on how the New York store will be received, there may also be more stores opened in the future, elsewhere in the world.

Black longwings.

Even its fairly new collection of accessories will be sold at the NY store. Pictures: Meermin