The spring is in full bloom and the season for loafers is upon us. Here’s focus on some loafers news from Löf & Tung, Morjas and Mano.


Earlier this spring I have highlighted Myrqvist’s new loafers and Skolyx’s large own collection of loafers slightly above the €200 bar, here are tips on other Swedish players who have recently presented loafers news.


Löf & Tung x Manolo unlined pennys

Unlined in three shades of suede.

The Stockholm shoe store Skoaktiebolaget has, together with the menswear site Manolo and its editor Andreas Weinås, developed a nice mini collection with unlined pennyloafers for their own brand Löf & Tung, which is made in Almansa in Spain. They come in medium brown, dark brown and moss green suede, of course with single leather soles. Made on Löf & Tung’s T last which is a classic loafers last with round toe. The price is €330. Unlined loafers have grown in popularity in recent years, although the lifespan becomes a bit more limited, it’s weighted up by great comfor and a more casual, airier feel that is apprecieated during warm summer days.

Sole with slightly bevelled waist and closed channel. Skoaktiebolaget



Morjas new penny loafer

Here’s Morjas new penny in black calf.

The Swedish brand Morjas has since the start a couple of years ago focused on releasing single models that comes in many different leather choices. So also this time, when they release an updated version of their penny loafer, which comes in six different leathers, four smooth leather colours, and two in suede. Here, too, it’s about a very classic loafers last, also here it is Goodyear welted in Spanish Almansa. The price is € 229.

Lovely light brown shade. Pictures: Morjas



Mano loafers from Andrés Sendra

Three different tassels in suede.

More pennys, more Almansa-manufactured shoes, more Östermalm’s-based companies (a central area of Stockholm). Here it’s about the cobbler/shoe store Mano Skoservice which since its inception had its own series of shoes made by Spanish firm Andrés Sendra mixed with Sendra’s own models. The stock have been filled with several different variants of penny loafers and tassel loafers now, also in slightly more unorthodox colours, such as dark blue suede. The price is SEK about €265.

Light brown penny loafers. Pictures: Mano Skoservice