Over the weekend, Spanish Carmina runs a campaign where the MTO charge is waived, which means you can order a completely personalised shoe, both men’s and women’s, at the same cost as models from the regular RTW range.


Carmina hardly needs a closer presentation, the Spanish midrange brand has become a huge player in recent years. Although prices have risen to some extent, the popularity has remained. On their website they have a nicely designed MTO service, and now between October 10-13 you have a campaign where there is no extra cost for MTO, normally the price premium is 20%. Shoes are priced at €395.

A bit different Carmina models, which you can easily order now when it does not cost extra with MTO. Photos: Carmina

Good time to order a shoe that you might not have been able to find with them or anyone else, or if you need to go up or down in width or the similar. Also women’s shoes can be ordered as MTO, perhaps extra interesting since the supply of welted shoes for women are generally a bit smaller among most manufacturers.