One of the most interesting bespoke shoemakers today is Atelier du Tranchet / Tranchet Vif, run by Christophe Corthay and Christophe Algans, which not least the above is proof of. A heel built of very thin stacks of coloured leather, which creates a gorgeous rainbow heel. Also briefly about an interview with the me in Scandinavian Man.

Achieving this heel above, with both the very thin layers (note, for example, the super-thin green layer between the two red ones) and with straight and distinct layers, is not easy. That it also looks really lovely is a clear bonus.



This week I was interviewed by the multi-platform, Scandinavian, here you can read it on their site. Among other things I talk about why the markets for classic shoes are special in Sweden and Norway, about five Scandinavian shoe brands that are extra interesting, and about what I have going on in the future.