The Austrian brand of hand welted shoes, Zonkey Boot, launched a new really nice and informative website this week, and with that also introduced the possibility to order any model in any of four different widths with no upcharge. To celebrate the launch they offer a 10% discount on all orders during this week.


Zonkey Boot is a brand that, despite being around for a decade and offering some stuff no one else in the market does, isn’t that famous. It was started by Alexandra Diaconu and Michael Rollig in Austria 2010, when the latter left the now much more famous Saint Crispin’s which he was one of the co-founders of. The shoes are hand welted with machine stitched sole seams, made by a factory in Veneto in Italy. They have a very distinct personal style, with a focus on more casual models with slightly special patterns and a lot of interesting leathers like shrunken bull, so called “russian calf” and even elephant leather. They also have a few models with hand stitched uppers, really lovely and unique stuff, which incredibly enough doesn’t cost more than the regular models. Prices start at €800 for the hand welted models.

Norwegian split toe derby.

The new website showcase Zonkey Boots offerings in a good looking and accessible way, with lots of info on each model. They also have an MTO lookbook where you can see what special make-ups people have ordered before and find inspiration for your own order, one of the best brand website blogs out there, and a lot of info on the brand and the making. The way a good brand website should be, to summarise things. New with the introduction of the new site is that they offer the possibility to order any of their RTW models in the width of your choice, so apart from the standard E width you can choose D, EE (corresponds to F) and H width, where the latter are made MTO but at no upcharge. Great for those who have a hard time finding special widths.
As mentioned they run a promo now this launch week of the new site, so until Sunday night you get 10% off any order using the discount code “WelcomeBack”.

Zonkey boot also have dressier models.

Hand welted.

Zonkey sole.

A wholecut derby boot, with hand stitched uppers. Really nice stuff. Pictures: Zonkey Boot