British brand Foster & Son now runs a sale on their whole stock of RTW shoes from their own Northampton factory, with a 40% discount. Lots of models and also many sizes available in many cases, some great bargains to be made of these very well-made RTW shoes.


Last year Foster & Son had to close their factory in Northampton, which they opened up two years before, after the Japanese investors who made it possible to open it had withdrawn from the project. According to info from the Foster & Son owner they still hoped to be able to open it again. Haven’t heard any news on the situation lately, though as everyone I still hope it will be the case.

The split toe derby Kebble.

The split toe derby Kebble.

Yesterday they started a sale on their website of all the remaining stock of the RTW shoes produced in their own factory. The already quite affordable shoes now are up for grabs at amazing prices, with 40% discount in almost all cases. Now you’re able to get some of these Goodyear welted shoes with unusually thick insoles for RTW and real leather stiffeners both in heel and toe, with top quality upper leather and oak bark tanned outsoles, at prices from only €530 (£470 including VAT. Note that I will continue to write out all prices on Shoegazing in the domestic price tag, but converted to euro. This since I have readers from all over the world, and it varies greatly what goes for each. Notable for EU citizens is that prices at Fosters now is shown excluding VAT, as at many other British shops, but you will then need to pay your countries VAT rate when the shoes are imported).


The Montrose Edwardian balmoral boot, with the top spec.

Some of my favourites is the plain cap toe oxford Highclere on the soft square toe last 66, which is available in dark brown and black in several different widths and sole options, with many sizes left in many of them. The lovely split toe derby Kebble, which also is available in a few different versions, although with fewer sizes left. Not to mention the sensationally beautiful Montrose Edwardian balmoral boots, made to the higher specifications with fine slim bevelled waists etc. Go browse things straight away, and if you find something to your liking you might not want to wait placing the order, since it’s not certain that we ever get to see these excellently RTW shoes again, as sad as that would be.


Classic on the soft square 66 last. All pictures: Foster & Son