The picture - The most hyped model of the 2020's

When one talk about classic men’s shoes it always feel a bit weird to talk about “hyped” styles, given that in most cases the ones that are all the rave at the moment have been around for loads of decades. The latest such, the split toe derby, has been sold as hot cakes for quite a few years now, yet it still seam to just continue to increase in popularity.


It’s like it’s the perfect fit for all who love great welted footwear and been wearing mainly various oxfords for a long time, but needs more of something less formal when people tend to dress more and more that way. This particular model above is made by the Japanese maker Seiji McCarthy, versions like this in embossed grain leathers and suede ones are the hottest of the hot at the moment. Unlike the double monk strap who was the most hyped model of the 2010’s, the split toe derby is a more subtle shoe, which means that it hasn’t become a fashion shoe the same way as the monks traps (we are yet to see a split toe derby at H&M or Zara for example, while there sold plenty of double monks), which likely will result in it to stay around to a much larger extent as well also after the peak has passed, whenever that will be.

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