Guide – Simple corrections of fit nr. 2

Most people know about removable insoles, heel grips, tongue pads etc. to fix various fit issues, what some might not think about though is that if you go to a good cobbler you can have fix the same issues in an even nicer looking and better way. Here I highlight a number of fit modifications that cobblers can do. It’s very common that RTW shoes does not fit perfectly, but in many cases the modifications below can make it really good.

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The picture

The picture – The possibility to modify fit

You often talk about the possibilities of getting a better fit with bespoke shoes, versus RTW shoes made on generic lasts. Another interesting part is the great possibilities of adjusting the fit of a bespoke shoe later on, since they basically always have both toe and heel stiffeners in real leather, and then the personal lasts that can easily be modified. The shoes above are my first bespoke pair from Gaziano & Girling, which I just got back after having this done.

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