Main d’Or


The picture

The picture – Round toe with chiseled sides

The last shape on my bespoke shoes from Japanese maker Main d’Or has a rather special shape, which might not be apparent at first glance. Since the toe is round and classic in shape it signals that that goes for the whole last, but if you look closer you’ll notice that especially the outside of the shoe is rather heavily chiseled, something that’s very unusual on shoes with a round toe.

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Buyer's guide

Buyer’s guide – Main d’Or

Eiji Murata, the man behind the brand Main d’Or, is one of the highest rated bespoke shoe makers in the world among people in industry, but still relatively unknown to most shoe interested people. Here’s a substantial buyer’s guide with an order of a pair of semi brogues as a base, where most of what you need to know about Main d’Or is included, among other things lots of pictures from the making.

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