This Saturday April 20 the first Moscow Trunk Show takes place. Similar to the super trunk shows I organise, a large number of exhibitors are gathered, and the russian shoe shining and shoe patina contest Shoesing Awards takes place.


The event started a few years ago with the shoe shining contest, after a few of the people behind it had visited the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm and watched the Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining. They also added a patina contest the following year, and for this year they wanted to add also exhibition. Last year the Shoesing (a company that combines sort of a cobblery with various shoe services) people again visited Stockholm to learn from the super trunk there, and now it’s time for the first Moscow Trunk Show, this Saturday at InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya on 22 Tverskaya Street.

From last year's Shoesing Awards patina contest.

From last year’s Shoesing Awards patina contest, where jury member Alexander Nurullaeff of Dandy Shoe Care and organiser Aleksey Eremeev follows the work.

I will be there myself exhibiting with Skolyx, and also bring TLB Mallorca shoes, plus being part of the jury in the two competitions. Other exhibitors are Carlos Santos, Alexandre Mason, J. FitzPatrick, Gaziano & Girling, Edward Green, Heinrich Dinkelacker and Russian brand Per Nobile, who also is one of the partners of the event. The other partners are Saphir and The Rake Russia.

Lots of shoe goodies will be on display in Moscow this Saturday.

Lots of shoe goodies will be on display in Moscow this Saturday.

More info about the event and about the contests, including all the finalists in both glacage and patina, can be found here on the event website.

Last year's shoe shining final.

Last year’s shoe shining final. Picture: Shoesing