Shoes for Life - Charity raffle win a pair of bespoke shoes

Today the online charity raffle Shoes for Life was launched, where entrants can win their dream pair of bespoke shoes from a number of French bespoke shoemakers, at the value of €7,000, plus plenty of other shoes and other prizes at a value of over €10,000 in total. The contest is organised by the French shoemakers’ association CSNB together with Gustave Roussy’s institute for fight against cancer, to which all the funds from the contest will go to.


This is truly something special. The National Association of Shoemakers in France, CSNB (Chambre Syndicale Nationale des Bottiers), has gathered their members to participate in a raffle with some spectacular prizes, where all funds raised will be donated to the Gustave Roussy’s institute, one of the leading research centres in Europe in the fight against cancer. One lottery ticket cost €20, it’s open for everyone worldwide, where the first price is a pair of bespoke shoes, for man or woman, which will be made by one of the members of the CSNB (which includes Berluti, John Lobb Paris, Corthay, Atelier du Tranchet, Stephane Jimenez, Philippe Atienza, Massaro, Canale & Fils, Christian Louboutin, Maison Clairvoy, and many more) according to the winner’s specifications. Approximate value is €7,000. The winner can carry out the measurement and fittings in Paris or at several locations around the world, it will all be coordinated to work as well as possible for the happy man or woman.

Shoes for life charity raffle - win bespoke shoes

The official poster for the campaign (can be downloaded here).

As if this wasn’t enough, there’s another €10,000 value of prices that everyone entering the raffle can win. The list of these prices are as follows:
– A pair of sneakers (excluding exotic leather) from the Atelier du Tranchet (choice between the “Dragon Fury” or “Sneakers Mc Fly” models) (prize value: €850)
– An “Un Jour” bag from Maison Berluti (prize value: €3,000)
– A pair of MTO sneakers (“Made To Order”, excluding exotic leather) from Maison Clairvoy (prize value: €890)
– A pair of ready-to-wear shoes: the “Arca” model from Maison Corthay (prize value: €1,450)
– A pair of ready-to-wear shoes: the “William” model from John Lobb (prize value: €1,205)
– A pair of ready-to-wear shoes: the “Andy” or “Alessandro” model from Maison Berluti (prize value: €1,750)
– A pair of ready-to-wear pumps: the “Kate” model in calfskin from Maison Louboutin (prize value: €575) or a pair of ready to-wear men’s shoes: the “Greggo” model in black calfskin (prize value: €650)
– An evening dinner show for two people at the Moulin Rouge (prize value: €430)

All these shoemakers and shoe companies who are part of this do this for free, and all earnings from the raffle will be donated to Gustave Roussy, in their fight against cancer. The raffle has been authorised by Villejuif City Hall in accordance with current legislation.

Corthay Arca

One of many bonus prizes that are part of the contest is a pair of Arca from Corthay, worth €1,450, so certainly not shabby. Picture: Corthay (also first page banner picture)

To enter, you simply head to this page here, choose how many tickets you want to buy, register and pay with credit card or PayPal, it took me less than one minute, and the best thing is that even if one doesn’t win one are chipping in for a good cause. The raffle starts today, March 1, and continues until midnight on Saint Crispin’s Day (the patron saint of shoemakers, for those who don’t know) October 25 2022, with the draw taking place on October 28. You can read much more about the contest here on CSNB’s website. To make this superb charity raffle a success, of course, do make sure to enter, and do help spread the word about the contest, in social media, with the use of their poster for those who have suitable places to put them up, and so on. And good luck to all who enters!

Berluti Alessandro

Another part of the prize pool is a pair of Alessandro wholecut form Berluti, worth €1,750. Picture: Berluti