Yohei Fukuda Q&A Special podcast

Almost 100 questions came in for this Q&A Special of the Shoegazing Podcast, with none other than the Japanese bespoke shoemaker Yohei Fukuda. A selection of all these were asked to him during an interesting talk, touching upon everything from the time spent on making his shoes to where inspiration for his style comes from.


It’s time for the second special edition Q&A episode, where you listeners and readers of Shoegazing.com gets to ask questions to some big names from the quality shoe industry. This round it’s the most famous of all Japanese bespoke shoemakers that is answering your questions, Yohei Fukuda. Since 14 years his bespoke shoes and nowadays also top class RTW and MTO offerings has been a holy grail for many shoe lovers around the world.

Yohei Fukuda.

Yohei Fukuda.

Hear him give his best advice to aspiring shoemakers, talk about how the demand for bespoke shoes is in Japan, answer questions on how much time that is spent on making his shoes, reveal the secrets behind his amazing photos, and much much more.

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