Live from the London Super Trunk Show 2023

Here we will live stream three sessions from the London Super Trunk Show today Saturday May 13. See live from the world championships of shoe patina and shoe shining, follow the award ceremony for the shoemaking world champs, and get a glimpse of all the amazing shoe exhibitors from all over the world. Will also be viewable after the live sessions.


The schedule for today’s stream is as follows:
11.15-11.40am (BST) – Start of the World Championships of Shoe Patina final, tour around the exhibitions
3.00-3.30pm – World Championships of Shoe Shining final
5.30-5.50pm – Award ceremonies for the World Championships of Shoe Patina and the World Championships of Shoemaking

All videos will be uploaded and available to view after the live sessions as well. You may also follow live streams on Saphir’s Instagram, and on Kirby Allison’s Youtube channel there will be a number of videos coming up later on.

NOTE: There have been some technical issues some years with the streams, where things look good on our end on the device we stream from, but what’s shown on YouTube isn’t working. If this happens, please send DM to Shoegazing’s Instagram or e-mail straight away and we can look into it ASAP. We hope for problem free rounds this year!