News - Arterton open store in London

Arterton has sniffed on physical presence before, with trunk show’s, pop-ups etc, but now they’ve opened up a permanent location in an excellent spot in the Princes Arcade, just next to Fortnum & Mason in the heart of London. Here they have a lounge section and sell shoes from Bridlen and Yearn, shoe care from Paul Brunngård, hangers from Nakata, and more.


Much of the development within the menswear sphere in the old, traditional city of London comes from new, young companies driven by young entrepreneurs. The best example is probably the hugely successful tailoring firm Cad & the Dandy, other examples are ventures like the clothing and footwear care service The Valet or then the specialist menswear company Arterton London. When old companies close down, these takes their place, and together with the stronger existing old players they continue to make London a world home for classic menswear and all things surrounding it.

The store front in Princes Arcade.

The store front in Princes Arcade.

Arterton was founded a few years ago by William Wong, it has steadily grown its offerings and business, and today they opened the doors to their new permanent showroom and private lounge (the latter still being finalised, will be finished later in January), this on 12-13 Princes Arcade, located between Jermyn Street and Piccadilly Street, just next to Fortnum & Mason.

Here they’ll have a selection of models from the Indian shoe brand Bridlen and Yearn from China, both offering excellent shoes within their respective price ranges. Arterton has MTO services for both brands where one can order without any upcharge, for relatively quick deliveries. A great way to make these Asian brands more accessible here in Europe. They also sell the full range from the premium shoe care brand Paul Brunngård, a large range of very exclusive handmade hangers from the Japanese brand Nakata, and a bunch of other products within shoe care, garment care and accessories. Arterton will be a new place in St. James for menswear enthusiasts to both acquire great products and hang out with like-minded.

The store part of Arterton's new location.

The store part of Arterton’s new location.

Here one can try out shoes from Yearn and Bridlen, and place MTO's without upcharge.

Here one can try out shoes from Yearn and Bridlen, and place MTO’s without upcharge.

Shoe care from Paul Brunngård.

Shoe care from Paul Brunngård.

Footwear on display. All pictures:

Footwear on display. All pictures: Arterton London