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The picture – Graffiti patina

It is interesting to follow the development of hand-painted patina in the shoe sphere in recent years. To paint shoes have been done a long time, but it’s relatively new with the type of specialized patina artists doing in many cases very advanced things, and above all, it increases massively. It also means that you get to see many cool stuff, like this graffiti-painted shoe from Gaziano & Girling.

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Inspiration, The picture

The picture – The Russian reindeer leather from 1786

It is perhaps the most famous individual kind of leather, the hides of Russian reindeer skin that divers found on the ship Metta Catharina which sank in 1786. For a number of decades since one picked up the first barrels with leather shoes and leather accessories have been made in the material, but now soon all hides will have been used. This plus info on a new Tumblr version of Shoegazing.

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Buyer’s guide – Stores in London

London is one of the best cities in the world for those interested in classic quality shoes. The capital of England contains a large number of shoe stores and bespoke shoemakers, basically an excellent selection of almost everything you can be looking for. Shoegazing guides you to it, and for those who have no plans of visiting the city there’s hundreds of pictures which hopefully can act as some inspiration.

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