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Buying tip – Magic Mike Patina

More and more patina services are offered around the world, due to the increasing demand and growing interest. Last week the Swede Michael Håkansson inaugurated his new workshop for his project Magic Mike Patina, and is now accepting orders for all kinds of small and large patina jobs. Also about the fact that Skoaktiebolaget will waive the MTO fee for John Lobb Paris during a trunk show they have February 22-25.

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News – Hermès acquire Tanneries Du Puy

Yesterday it became official that the French luxury brand Hermés acquire the Tanneries Du Puy from JM Weston. This means that Hermés now owns both the two largest suppliers of calf leather for quality shoes in the world. How this affects other footwear brands which also are purchasing hides from Du Puy to a large extent remains to be seen.

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