U.S. Championships of Shoe Shining and Shoe Patina 2023 - Qualification

U.S. Championships of Shoe Shining and Shoe Patina 2023 – Qualification

We now open the qualifications to the finals of the first U.S. Championships of Shoe Shining and Shoe Patina 2023, with the finals taking place at the premiere edition of the New York Super Trunk Show on October 14. The contests and the event are organised by The Shoe Snob, Shoegazing and Kirby Allison in collaboration with partners Saphir and Bridlen Shoemaker. The patina finalists will paint their shoes during the whole event, and the shoe shiners have 20 minutes to shine a shoe as lovely looking as possible.

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The picture

The picture – Winning shoes from the patina world champs

At the latest London Super Trunk Show in London 2019 we had the first World Championships in Shoe Patina, where three contestants were to paint a pair of crust leather shoes during the day. These here are the winning shoes from then, spectacular stuff for sure, painted by Stephan Villette, the grand old man of shoe patina who’ve been in the business for almost three decades.

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The picture

The picture – The explosion of patina

From being a relatively unusual phenomenon, especially outside France and Italy, patination of shoes have completely exploded in the last decade. Today you have the opportunity to get shoes painted from lots of places, and in many different ways. The picture above is of shoes from the French brand JM LeGazel, where the middle shoe is in unpainted crust leather, the two next to it are some of the more or less infinite amount of patina options available.

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Buying tip

Buying tip – Magic Mike Patina

More and more patina services are offered around the world, due to the increasing demand and growing interest. Last week the Swede Michael Håkansson inaugurated his new workshop for his project Magic Mike Patina, and is now accepting orders for all kinds of small and large patina jobs. Also about the fact that Skoaktiebolaget will waive the MTO fee for John Lobb Paris during a trunk show they have February 22-25.

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Event, Report, Shoegazing Super Trunk Show

Report from the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show 2016

Amazingly enough the interest continues to be huge for the super trunk, this was obvious this Saturday when the third edition was held at Scandic Anglais in Stockholm. 900 visitors, 170 pairs of shoes were sold or ordered for a value of approximately €63 000, and then usually a bunch of orders are placed the coming weeks now afterwards as well, and there was a number of briefcases, accessories and shoe care products to add to that. Here is a summary of the day with lots of pictures and also films from the scene programme.

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Inspiration, The picture

The picture – Graffiti patina

It is interesting to follow the development of hand-painted patina in the shoe sphere in recent years. To paint shoes have been done a long time, but it’s relatively new with the type of specialized patina artists doing in many cases very advanced things, and above all, it increases massively. It also means that you get to see many cool stuff, like this graffiti-painted shoe from Gaziano & Girling.

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Event, Shoegazing Super Trunk Show

Shoegazing Super Trunk Show 2016

We are proud to present the third edition of Shoegazing Super Trunk Show, the world’s largest event for quality shoes open for the public. On September 10 we gather Meermin, Septieme Largeur, Vass, Hiro Yanagimachi and Roberto Ugolini along with the event’s partners Brunngård, Oppermann London and Frank Clegg, plus several others, at Scandic Anglais in the central parts of Stockholm. To add to that is the Swedish Championship in shoe shining, a shoe repair school, ask the shoe industry people, patina painting live and so on. Here’s all the info about the event.

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