Black Friday sales 2022

The Black Friday sales rush is on full throttle, and there’s loads of great sales ongoing at the moment. As always, Shoegazing is here to highlight a few of them for your bargaining pleasure.



Skoaktiebolaget Black Friday sale

Also after closing their physical brick and mortar-shop in Stockholm Skoaktiebolaget has continued to house a wide range of shoes. Now they run a sale from their own brand Löf & Tung, Enzo Bonafé and John Lobb Paris, with between 30-50% discount. Not that many sizes left in most cases, but since there’s quite a lot of models part still good chances to find something of interest.



Orban's black Friday sale

The French budget brand Orban’s doesn’t have that many models part of their Black Friday sale, but those who are part have almost all sizes left in stock. It’s mainly various black boots and a bunch of models made in a brown oiled roughout leather, quite nice rugged stuff. Now at 20% discount these start at €160.


Bäckmans Skoservice

Bäckman's Skoservice Black Friday sale

The Swedish cobbler and shoe store Bäckman’s has a 30% discount on a bunch of Carmina models, everything from loafers to chelseas, which in most cases also do have relatively good amount of sizes left. There’s also models in Horween Shell Cordovan available.


Vass Shoes

Vass Shoes Black Friday sale

Definitely one of the largest sales listed here is found at Vass Shoes, the Hungarian maker of fully handmade shoes. The amount of discount varies from rather small to half the RRP. Was a while ago since Vass had this type of wide sale so if you’ve been eyeing a pair could be the time to jump the fence.



Myrqvist Black Friday sale

The Swedish brand Myrqvist with budget friendly mainly Goodyear welted shoes made in Portugal has included a bunch of their offerings in their ongoing sale. Discounts run between 15-50% off, meaning that you can snap a welted pair from as low as €120.



Loake Black Friday sale

On British Loake’s Black Friday sale it’s especially the boots that is the best bet, since there you’ll find offerings from their finer 1880 range made with full grain leathers. Prices are discounted with up to 50%, but in most cases it’s around 30%.


Gaziano & Girling

Gaziano & Girling Black Friday sale

The British premium brand Gaziano & Girling has nice discounts on some selected end of line-models, where there’s certainly some really interesting stuff part. For example their adelaide St James II in a dark brown patina or the floating medallion oxford Hilton at 25% off. The sales items are listed among the regular models, and marked as end of line.



Skolyx Black Friday sale

At the company I work for, Skolyx, we have our only sale of the year now quite a bunch of stuff being sold off. Both models from that will be discontinued, and both welted shoes and sneaker samples, seconds etc from our own Skolyx brand, Yanko and also Midas. Discounts between 30-60% means you really can do a good bargain here.


Sons of Henrey

Sons of Henrey Black Friday sale

At Sons of Henrey they have a number of different Black Friday offerings. On their Goodyear welted stock RTW made in Spain they have 20% off most of it, on their pre-order offerings they offer 10% off, and on their hand welted collaboration with Chinese Oct Tenth they now waive the MTO fee of €45. It seems like you can also get an extra 10% off if you register for their newsletter.


Cobbler Union

Cobbler Union Black Friday sale

The American brand Cobbler Union runs their biggest sale of the year, and has loads of models are part. With up to 50% off on some items, so real chances for a nice bargain here on their Spanish-made Goodyear welted shoes.



Barker Black Friday sale

Barker is an institution in the British shoe industry. The Northampton brand has over 170 styles part of their sale, so lots to browse through for all bargain hunters. Discounts go up to 50% for some of them, but in almost all cases you can save a good piece of chunk. Some corrected grain stuff though, so if you’re after proper full grain avoid the ones they call Hi-shine.


Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer Black Friday sale

Italian brand Stefano Bemer has a few ranges of fine welted footwear, part of their sale now is mainly their main hand welted range. Normally it’s at €1400, now down with 20-30%. Also some sneakers and driving shoes on offer, and some more crazy models at higher discounts.


There you have it, a selection of all ongoing sales, highlight others in comments section below.

(Top picture from Stefano Bemer, banner picture from Myrqvist.)