News - New York Super Trunk Show Save the Date

October 14. Mark that day in your calendars, cause that’s when the first New York Super Trunk Show takes place. An event that’s been on the verge of taking place for quite some time, and now it’s finally happening. It will be a great day.


It will be quite a lot on trunk shows these days, since the London edition is coming up next week, and we now reveal the NYC plans. Hope that those of you who aren’t interested in the events per se can understand why, and hopefully a bunch around these that can be worth reading and seeing anyway.

I remember how nervous I was on the morning of the first super trunk I organised in Stockholm back in 2014, where we had no idea what to expect. It was a huge success, with over 700 visitors (we hoped for 200) in a way too small place, and since then Stockholm has grown, London was introduced in 2017 together with Justin FitzPatrick, Amsterdam in 2020 together with Bas van Exter, and now on to the Big Apple. Quite a journey for this type of event, which still has the same core through the years and in all locations, with quality footwear exhibitors as a base sparked with related exhibitors, and then shoe related contests and other happenings around it.

New York Super Trunk Show 2023

So, on Saturday October 14, me, Justin FitzPatrick of The Shoe Snob and here also Kirby Allison will host the first New York Super Trunk Show. This in a great location on the Upper East Side, close to Central Park. There will be a large amount of shoe plus clothing and accesseries exhibitors, the first US championships of shoe shining and shoe patina, and much more. We really look forward to this. Much more info will come a bit closer to date, but again, mark your calendars and book your flights cause you don’t want to miss this!