Melker Shoes

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Burnishable babycalf leather
The picture

The picture – Burnishable leather

How much finishing that is applied on leathers from the tannery varies vastly, some casein finished box calf can be really shiny and have a nice depth already from the start, but most leathers are actually more or less dull and lifeless when delivered. Especially unfinished (note, not the same as undyed) crust calf or similar, which are left for the maker to burnish in a desired direction. Above shows the huge difference between unfinished and burnished.

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Picture special

Picture special – Melker Shoes bespoke Wellington boots

My latest acquisition is rather different from what I mostly wear, yet something rather intriguing, if you ask me. A pair of bespoke side seamed Wellington boots in Horween Chromexcel leather, where Swedish bespoke shoemaker Janne Melkersson of Melker Shoes & Boots have added a Scandinavian touch to a very traditional British model, and created a quite spectacular pair. Here’s lots of photos of both making and final pair.

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From the archive

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The tip

The tip – Let shoes dry laying down

I’ve written about this before in other shoe care articles, that it’s good to let wet shoes dry lying on the side to speed up the drying process and allow the entire shoe to be aired. Recently I became aware of what can happen if you don’t do this, when one of my bespoke pairs from Janne Melkersson was used in rain and were left standing as usual, and ended up with a proper formation of mildew on the sole.

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