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Event, Shoegazing Super Trunk Show

Shoegazing Super Trunk Show 2016

We are proud to present the third edition of Shoegazing Super Trunk Show, the world’s largest event for quality shoes open for the public. On September 10 we gather Meermin, Septieme Largeur, Vass, Hiro Yanagimachi and Roberto Ugolini along with the event’s partners Brunngård, Oppermann London and Frank Clegg, plus several others, at Scandic Anglais in the central parts of Stockholm. To add to that is the Swedish Championship in shoe shining, a shoe repair school, ask the shoe industry people, patina painting live and so on. Here’s all the info about the event.

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Buyer's guide, Guide, Hiro Yanagimachi, Shoe construction

Buyer’s guide – Hiro Yanagimachi

Hiro Yanagimachi is one of the pioneers of the new wave of Japanese bespoke shoemakers which established themselves in the last 15 years. He offers MTO, MTM/semi bespoke and full bespoke, and with a newly developed international last and planned visits to Europe and the US, he is one of the Japanese makers who is of the most interest for us over here. I give you a large buyer’s guide to the brand, with a pair of MTO split toe derbies that I ordered as a framework.

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Picture special

Picture special – The difference between Goodyear welted and hand welted

A classic topic of discussion is the difference between Goodyear welted and hand welted shoes, and the function and importance it has. Usually the sustainability in terms of numbers resoles and so on is highlighted as the main difference, and there is of course a difference there, but in most cases there’s nothing that affects the actual life for the owner. There are many other aspects of the difference between the construction types that in my eyes are more interesting, and here I highlight several of these in the form of a series of pictures that compare shoes from Gaziano & Girling and Hiro Yanagimachi.

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Event, Shoe construction

Competition – Winners and answers of find the difference

Time to present the correct answers to last week’s photo contest, where you should find the differences in construction and finish work between five pairs of pictures with shoes from various manufacturers. As expected, the competition was really hard, but we’ve got a winner of the shoe care package from Springyard Shoe Therapy with a value of over €1100, and a winner of the shoe cream and polish from the same brand.

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