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Buyer's guide, Review

Review – Carlos Santos 7201 Braga Cognac

Portuguese Carlos Santos is a manufacturer which has buzzed a little under the surface for many years, but never really been established widely. Next Saturday they are visiting the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm, and to make you and myself a bit better informed of them, here is a review of a light brown Goodyear-welted 3-eyelet derby from their standard line.

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Buyer's guide, Review

Review – Cheaney Imperial Holyrood Bronzed Espresso

Cheaney is one of the major manufacturers in Northampton, England, and a few years ago they launched a new top line called Imperial, which feature oak bark tanned soles and a quite extreme fiddle waist. After some initial problems in the manufacturing, with very late deliveries as a result, they have now stabilized the work process of the Imperial line since some time back and it’s growing in popularity. Shoegazing have tested a pair.

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